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Welcome!  The National Save the Family Now Movement, Inc. initially evolved through the intergenerational family ministries of the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida, pastored by the  Reverend Dr. R. B. Holmes, Jr.  The National Save the Family Now Movement, Inc. is an important part of the family revitalization. Its goal is to strengthen, save, and sustain the Black family in particular, and all families in general. This National Save the Family Now Movement, Inc. will:
·    Develop a 2020 Strategic Plan that will clearly outline policies and programs that champion the family while concurrently advocating the demise of activities  that denigrate and/or demean families;
·    Develop a positive, proactive agenda for holistic programs, events and activities that will rebuild, reenergize and stimulate the family structure. 
·    Establish "Save the Family Now" chapters in twenty-five (25) cities by 2012.

We welcome you to our website to learn more about us and join with us as we reclaim our families and communities.

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